Metal safe fences


Fence panel EKO3D

The fencing panels are made of vertical rods pumped several times depending on the amount in order to obtain greater rigidity of the panel and straight bars welded them horizontally.

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The fence on the playground - EKOSAFE

Fencing safe EKOSAFE designed according to the Polish standard PN-EN 1176. meet all safety requirements. Fence without sharp endings.

Fence produced in 2 variants security antykorozyjych

- Hot-dip galvanizing
- Hot-dip galvanizing + powder coating (any RAL color)

Fence available in 4 variants height
H = 850mm, H = 1050mm, H = 1280mm, H = 1500mm

Wicket fence with self-closing standard width L = 1000mm
other widths on zawówienie
Height: H = 850mm, H = 1050mm, H = 1280mm, H = 1500mm





palisade fencing

Palisade fence is a simple, yet modern form of fencing. Aesthetic minimalism with the quality of workmanship fences palisadowych create a harmonious whole with any kind of style of architecture ogradzanych objects. Palisade fence due to its form is extensively used, among other things, to all public buildings, industrial facilities and residential buildings. Thanks to its exceptional durability is strong, carefully constructed and stable construction ensures a high level of security.







Concrete fences

We offer a wide range of concrete fences. On request, individual fencing can complete in any patterns. We sell a fence formula with ordinary stone, brick, rubble or ornamental. They are among our fences lightweight structures and openwork, with a rich and interesting ornamentation and simple, smooth fence devoid of any ornamentation. Design elements allows the individual selection of the height of the fence. Each element of the fence is reinforced. Concrete Fences are durable, made of wear-resistant material, extreme weather conditions and all natural and chemical pollution. Our fence of concrete is also characterized by high frost resistance, low water absorption and high resistance to mechanical damage.




mesh fence




We also offer a wide selection of wire fencing in various standard performance, different heights, different mesh colors, thick wire, etc. And all the accessories necessary for assembly. All our grid we can for you also mount.