Silvers wood

With great pleasure to present the offer of safe, environmental, ecological surface intended for playgrounds and recreation areas, which is very popular in Western Europe due to the minimum cost of living, attractive price and exceptional properties cushion falls meet the requirements of DIN EN 1177.
Chips is a great alternative for difficult to maintain the surface of the sand, which according to current sanitary regulations should be changed regularly, and few 'nice' gravel roads, as well as expensive rubber and synthetic surfaces. Surface is environmentally friendly and works very well in all weather conditions. It is fully permeable to water, so that children can enjoy the playground after the rain with mud and puddle. Öcocolor structure also allows you to navigate through the square for children in wheelchairs and easily lead after the prams - now place can be really inclusive!



silvers wood meet the stringent requirements of DIN EN 1177, and its properties cushion falls are confirmed by research and any certificates. The material subjected to multiple checks at the production stage, free from toxic substances is safe for the environment and for consuming playground dzieci.i tests after tests by HIC for critical fall height in accordance with DIN EN 1177 (for pavement thickness 30cm) max. fall height: 3m




- Perfect for every season - does not freeze, it is fully permeable to water, so that children can safely enjoy the playground throughout the year;
- Colour and aesthetic - available in five colors to choose from, which make every playground is attractive
- Environmentally friendly - dyed with natural dyes;
- Quick and easy installation - allows you to reduce the high costs associated with the implementation of the necessary foundations for the rubber surface;
- Light and easy to transport - does not require the use of heavy equipment which reduces the risk of possible damage perfect alignment in places with difficult access. silver wood is an idea for a safe and colorful playgrounds and interesting arrangements residential alleys and
green areas in the city.

THICKNESS USYPANIA silver wood - HEIGHT HIC (critical fall height)

20 cm - critical value fall to 2.2 m
25 cm - critical value fall to 2.7 m
30 cm - critical value fall to 3.0 m